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- Run Away - Hey Girl whatch'cha gonna do You know you can't walk a mile in my shoes It's ok girl when you're far away you don't listen to a single word I say You can't stop runnin' away You won't stop runnin' away You'll never stop runnin' away From Me From Me I call you on the phone it doesn't seem to me that you're there alone you just tell me what I need to hear while something very wrong whispers in my ear Chorus Hey babe where you goin' to you're leavin' baby De ja vu my words they always misconstrue You're gone You're gone You're gone now with your heart of stone you didn't give a damn about our happy home you wont find me now I'm done with you after all the shit that you put me through Chorus ============================ - Hard Times - 7 Billion People and not one smile to share what the hell is wrong with you Is it something in the air? 100 Million Children they go hungry every day but you stuff your faces, 'till you're full then you throw the rest away Corrus: Hard Times Hard Hard Times Hard Times Hard Hard Times 100 billion dollars to wage your little wars now everbody hates you they don't need your help no more a million army soldiers they train everyday to kill but what will they do when you're done with them and their minds have gone to hell Chorus 60 billion barrels for each and every day it won't take long until it's gone you ain't found no other way hunderds of religions each have their words to pray but your god ain't gonna claim you if you blow this world away Chorus ============================ - Water Take Me Home - Chorus: Water, take me home, across the sea take me home to where I should be Been walkin' all night long Searchin' for a sign of you It's cold and lonely for me I thought I had it wrong It couldn't be just what it seems You're off again with him that can't be You stole away my soul and only gave me suffering It's time for me to go Chorus I counted on your love You left me without dignity well it's time for me to say goodby You messed it up this time You were playin' with fire and not just burnin' you you're burnin' me I found somebody new someone to take me higher someone to be what you failed to be Chorus ============================ - Back to You - ridin' on a train back to you ridin' on a train love back to you I miss your smile, your company Lord knows we've paid our dues ridin' on a train back to you Love it tears no matter what a face we wear it's been so long that's why I wrote you down this song you ridin' on a train back to you ridin' on a train back to you ain't nothin' else that I would rather do I've been away and done my time God knows what I've been through ridin' on a train back to you to roll the dice just one more time I'll be yours and you'll be mine ain't no other way to be just cut the games and stand by me you ridin' on a train back to you ============================ - Around the Corner - Life it torments me, and all of things I have to be Take some time, see my world, follow me Let's let it all fall down It doesn't matter anyhow take my hand show me what we can be Chorus: Wait for me this time around the corner Wait for me this time around the corner Day to day we strive do what we need to get us by Loose sight of things most important in our way Wake up from time to time sing a song and make it rhyme See eye to eye, arm in arm, and face to face Chorus We've made it just this far want to be now where you are When you're gone this place empty dark and cold My heart belongs to you no matter what we do I'll be yours until I'm withered grey and old Chorus ============================ - No other way - Lyin' here beside you wonderin' what I'd do If you walked away from me I'm gonna sing you this song I know it can't be so wrong 'cause baby it's comin' from me When I first found you we had to hide our love I don't know what we were thinkin' of but you're by my side today Chorus: There ain't no other way ain't no other way ain't no other way don't really care what they say I'm gonna do it our way 'cause time moves by so fast I know we had a hard start, but I'm playin' my part Let's move on and forget the past you know life ain't fair but we took our chance 'cause everybody needs someone to dance with you I'm here to stay Chorus No other way that feels so right, ain't no other path to lead my life nothin' on Earth would take me away I'm gonna be with you 'til the end of my days We're gonna show 'em this time We're gonna make these words rhyme and sing out as loud as I can Ain't gonna wander too far, I want to be where you are 'cause baby I'm your man It took me my whole life to write this song so baby why don't you just sing along forever and a day Chorus ============================ - Baby I know - Come to me my baby whisper in my ear tell me all those lovely things you know I need to hear you show me each and every day how much you love me so Chorus: baby I know, I know baby I know, I know Take a trip my baby you won't get very far you always need to turn around to find out who you are The ins and outs the ups and downs you're tired of this show Chorus We gave it all my baby nothin' left to say you gave yours and I gave mine and we both went separate ways You claim you ain't got no regrets and you're sad to see me go Chorus ============================ - Christmas Wish - The little boy was just 6 years old when his daddy moved away he didn't understand then, he just wanted him to stay His mommy cried 'cause his daddy lied and said he couldn't live that way And the little boy's wish for Christmas, is that his daddy'd come home to stay yea that little boy's wish for Christmas, is that his daddy'd come home to stay Time went by and he realized, his father wasn't far away and that he'd always be there for him, just in a different way it didn't take long and that little boy, he grew into a man and his father prayed that he'd think of him, and that he'd understand yea his father prayed that he'd think of him, and that he'd understand Life doesn't wait for no one you gotta understand in a blink of an eye it'll pass you by you gotta take it while you can you don't always see change comin' now take me by the hand I'll be everything that I can for you son I hope you understand His days grew old and his nights grew long, his son was far away his phone rang on one Christmas day, Papa I got something to say you know you hurt us bad when you left us then but I love you anyway and that old man's with for Christmas, it came true on that day yea that old man's wish for Christmas it came true on that day

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